Monthly Archives: May 2014

Smart Meters for your Electricity – Good or Bad?

Smart Meter vs. Analog Meter

I had a conversation today with a Power and Energy person who stopped by to replace my old electric meter with a new digital one. They said that there are meters out there that are called “Smart Meter” and that groups are going around representing themselves from P&E trying to get these meters onto houses […]

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The wonders of technology!

Technology. What a wonderful way of life it can be. Granted there are those who eye it with suspicion, however it is with technology that we grind through our very meager lives. The last few months have provided us with a nice list of technological advances that are coming to the forefront.   Google Self […]

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Cable companies pushing out falsehoods

The big news starting out the week is the farce being portrayed by Comcast showing how their merger with Time Warner Cable will support network neutrality. Also, they are claiming to show how, over the years, the corporations have invested in the network technology. Techdirt has a great article that shows how the bean counters […]

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First Post!!! — It’s all about the privacy!

Yup this is the obligatory first post, so let’s start this one off with a bang!   VPN What does it take to get what you want out of your internet connection? With all the hubbub going around with the ISP purchase attempts and the FCC proposal for maintaining Network Neutrality, it can be difficult […]

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