Cable companies pushing out falsehoods

The big news starting out the week is the farce being portrayed by Comcast showing how their merger with Time Warner Cable will support network neutrality. Also, they are claiming to show how, over the years, the corporations have invested in the network technology. Techdirt has a great article that shows how the bean counters are spinning the numbers to be in their favor, where in actuality the investments to the network have continually dropped.  Techdirt Article: Cable industry lies through its teeth

It goes without saying, yet will be said anyway, while Wall street dictates how successful a business can be the middle class will be screwed. There is a disconnect between a business model and the actual real world. While the wool is flying around trying to be covered over our eyes, the facts are there to point out how badly the data that Comcast and others really are.  The consumers are the ones that will bear the brunt of this if it goes the way the money makers want it to go.

The Internet is not a closed system yet. By its very nature, a watchdog group comprised of individuals and professionals has grown out of the chaos of the Internet. It is almost as if the network itself is fighting back against those who seek to reign it in. While there are many examples that could be linked, the simple fact is this. The Internet was developed by the People through funds funneled to DARPA. It does not belong to any one person, company, or government. The Internet is a collective of information and has an uncanny way of sentience that is seen by the push back given when something tries to contain or restraint it. Proof of this is during any conflict in the world where the information is trying to be contained.



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