The wonders of technology!

Technology. What a wonderful way of life it can be. Granted there are those who eye it with suspicion, however it is with technology that we grind through our very meager lives. The last few months have provided us with a nice list of technological advances that are coming to the forefront.


Google Self Driving Cars

Google is one of the most innovative tech companies that keeps on trying new things. Some work, some don’t. In an article from The Verge, Casey Newton () got to spend some time in one of the autonomous vehicles that Google has been working on. Link


Tesla Electric Car

While we are on the subject of cars, I can’t pass up an opportunity to talk a little about the Tesla Motors All Electric Vehicle. The Model S, sleek design and silent. Offers 300 miles on a full charge with zero emissions. For someone that is climate conscious, this is the car to look into.  The price comes in at $69,000 with a Federal Tax Credit of $7,500, which is far out of the range of the average person. The walk through video on the site is very informative and shows why this car is worth every penny. Distance and charging are the two major concerns that I have with the vehicle. While public charging area exist for cross country travel and will be completed in the next few years, locally finding a charging station is very difficult. Also, the charging unit for home use requires a garage of some sort, while there are many people whom do not have garages. Granted, based on price alone, an individual would be wealthy enough to own a home with a significant garage.

The next vehicle in line for Tesla is the Model X, which is a mix between a SUV and a Minivan. No current price, but can be reserved for $5000.00 and will be delivered summer of 2015. The future of transportation is looking very interesting.


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