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Yup this is the obligatory first post, so let’s start this one off with a bang!



What does it take to get what you want out of your internet connection? With all the hubbub going around with the ISP purchase attempts and the FCC proposal for maintaining Network Neutrality, it can be difficult for anyone who hasn’t been in the computer field for a long time to understand what is actually going on.


Tek Syndicate does  a fantastic job of explaining this for anyone who really wants to know what is going on behind the scenes:


Network Neutrality

Network privacy is much more important than just allowing people who do illegal things to hide.  Preventing your internet provider from shaping your traffic based on what sites you go to is just as important. If you are paying money for X amount of traffic speed from and to the internet, then that should be what you get. Data is Data regardless of it’s point of origin or it’s destination. A packet of data should be able to hit a Mom and Pop online store just as readily as it would for a site like Netflix or Youtube.  Yet with the current proposition from the FCC, the big internet companies will can create special paths where data will flow faster that companies whom pay for the preferential treatment will could have their business serve up faster than other sites. While the major cable companies and politicians claim this wouldn’t happen, history has shown that while good intentions are there the actions that actually take place screw over those footing the bill at the end of the month.


What does this mean?

The internet is on notice right now. The access that all of us enjoyed from the mid 90’s is speedily disappearing and while change is usually good, this type of change will only benefit the corporations that have the keys to the gateways. While these days, the 99% common people feel out of control, there are different groups that are stepping up and putting pressure on the FCC, House of Representatives, and Senate.  — Save the Internet Campaign — What happens when Cable Companies try to rip us off

These are only a few groups that are working towards maintaining an Open Internet. Tonight is a great night, I may play a online game or stream a movie from Netflix. How unfortunate will it be when I need to prove my access level to a gateway guardian before doing the same thing if the big corporations get their way.



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